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2009 / 11 / 28 ( Sat )

継続は必ずしも力でないperfect example=SMAPの歌唱力

lots of wrestling. oh boy

Tons of nosebleeds, bruises and cuts. Bloody...wrestling is disgusting.

depressed about the wrestling tournament that im going to cover for the rest of the weekend....nasty injuries coming up. uhhh

not liking the combination of CPR renewal tonite + a final tomorrow.

here i come...it was an accident waiting to happen.



ナスのペペロンチーノとクリームシチュー、カミング。for myself... ;(


walmart was PACKED!

well maybe after all this is where my limits are.


a nap sounds fantastic right now.

life isn't always multiple choice.

you find your answer and get back to me.

i am NOT trying to be complicated.

shut your month and do it. what i'd like to see is the result not process.

don't know about you but i have absolutely no time to waste.



jack in the box(日本人呼んでジャッキン)のカーリーフライ、時々無性に食べたくなります。Lサイズ上等。


「二時頃」by aiko  聴くたびに心が息苦しく


I am my own biggest problem. Solution?



unexplained emotions. 君に丸投げしてもいい?



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2009 / 11 / 20 ( Fri )
最近のひとこと日記 From 顔本 ほか for my record....

neverending basketball practice on a holiday

evidence-based wound careのシンポジウムに行ってきました。要するに傷口は水かSalineで洗い、乾かすなと。





my body and mind function the best between 1pm-5am. The time between does not work for me which makes my life a little difficult.

rehabilitation protocol critique for spinal fusion of spondylolisthesis, lumbar disc herniation, and rotator cuff strain. good stuff...

明日起きたくない・・・ベッドってなんでこんなに気持ちいいんですか。睡眠に勝る幸福なし、寝不足に勝る不幸もなし。i love my bed

evidence-based wound care. Forget the wet-dry method or hydrogen peroxide. A wound does not need to "breathe" or be dried out. Use water!

am i dropping out.

survived football. im so proud!


feels ugly...



I just can't seem to start studying. What the hell is my problem? How could I be this lazy and still made it all the way to grad school?

always go back to the basics. the rest will just follow. 年末までもうほんの少し。日本までほんの少し・・・(><)

i want to be a better cook. Practice is all it takes!

'class cancelled' the best feeling ever

tap out!!

wondering what my top priority is.

the ImPACT day...

why are you you?

bored at work..

made some tomodachi's today!

proud that i successfully woke up to go to the most boring class at 8am

always wonder how much of 'hills' is actually real..

had an awesome halloween with my girls from high school but little sad that they left...

HATES statefarm.

didn't see that coming.

on my way to the last fb game of 2009.

had a fun weekend with my cousin from Japan. Now im all pumped up for this super exciting Halloween/high school reunion weekend!!!

got her phone back thanks to some nicest ppl alive!!

lost her phone. fuck.

ready for the last home game!

can someone call me in 3 hrs to wake me...otherwise i would not only miss my presentation but would also be sleeping until next week.

watching volleyball practice...

a dislocated shoulder welcomed me to work. way to start the busy week...

the biomechanics midterm, sports rehab presentation, and motor control presentation. the toughest week of the semester by far...(T_T)

Koko Tsurumi won the all-around bronze medal, first in 43 years in the history of japanese women's gymnastics. What a performance!

Kouhei Uchimura, JPN-the world's greatest gymnast!

just walk it off and play.

wonders why my athletes get hurt only when they're losing.

just bought my ticket to japan! can't wait...

soooo ready for the fb season to be over!! 6 down, 4 to go.

tomorrow is going to be crazy. 2 soccer, 3 volleyball and 2 football games all home. hopefully my cardio will keep up running all over.

one of my soccer players came to me today and asked, "miss trainer, how can I stretch my ACL?"

wants to reunite..

just another fight to become a better athletic trainer I guess....totally worth it.

football season takes soooooo much out of me.

glad i only had to run to the field twice this week with 3 FB games.

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2009 / 09 / 07 ( Mon )

Even tho i feel that i did not do a good job at all at my previous school, i see how i struggled to be better every day. maybe i deserve a high five for at least trying...:)


going to see if i can finally be a good student after many years of schooling...

thought grad students never have to go to class in the morning....

upset about the fact that my initial plan of graduating in a year seems not to be working out...

can't stop questioning why we practice 2pm-6pm everyday. have they forgotten we're in Vegas? I can't force my players to drink boiling water sitting on the burning turf.

wasn't expecting to work on a Saturday at the highs school level ;(

glad nothing serious happened at the first practice but is suffering two huge blisters from it...

hoping nothing bad happens at the first football practice all by myself but is pretty excited about having her own training room ;)

needs a work phone...:6

googlemap is not my friend

today will take care of tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of the day after tomorrow.

mentally exhausted

is glad nothing serious happened at the first practice but is suffering two huge blisters from it...

its a real shocker when someone u trust betrays u.

RIP Kaori Kawamura

wants to go to 花火大会 in a 浴衣

happy to be done with the house search. $350 including everything is more than double what i used to pay in Cape, but is less than half of what I used to pay in LA ;)

in vegas room searching...never hated myself this bad for having absolutely zero sense of direction. wondering if this could be treated surgically and how much it would cost.

true friendship is hard to build.

got a new car and lovin' it already :)

back in LA looking for a cheap car.... anyone?

today is full of happiness

so happy. congratulations!!

is praying.

does anyone need a small TV? going to waste otherwise

counting down..

has a disease called aging

needs a summer job... can anyone hook me up plz..

absolutely hates giving presentations.

is moving to VEGAS!

my life would b 100 times easier if i was a morning person.

celebrating japan's win against korea!

knew that was coming.

about to get busy.

will keep trying. promise.

65 degrees... awesome.

is looking forward to going to the gymnastics meet tonite.

snow shuts down everything but the ATR.

is tired of thinking.

is glad she didn't get sick.

is 80 degrees to 8 degrees.

is in la sweating... going to be freezing cold in MO tomorrow. how depressing.

is back in LA!

is almost there..

thinks the finals should be canceled cuz i don't wanna die driving in snow

is wrapping up the longest semester ever.

needs some air...

yeah just put some ice on.

anybody write my paper for $20 please?

is relying on V8.

hot chocolate mixed with coffee...

is 7 wks and counting...

finally relaxing..

having another long day

can't wait for the fall break...

was so happy to be able to attend Susie&Sam's wedding

moving in to Sam's!

injury after injury

in between the treatments....

has no time to study at all

forgets she's still a student. busyyy

has started covering gymnastics, my dream job!

enjoyed not working the football game.

1st semester as a grad student..

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