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葛藤 continues (注・英語)
2010 / 12 / 22 ( Wed )
Well it's been a while again since I wrote... after so many times I swore I'd update my blog regularly...lol.

I finished my second-to-last semester at UNLV as well as my prospectus (proposal) meeting for my thesis just a could of weeks ago. Since then my schedule has been a little crazy because I started working two jobs to save up some money.

After so many years in school and training I now have some experience as a professional as well as a couple sets of fancy letters after my name. However, what I can do to support myself still hasn't change much since I started college in the US 7-8 years ago. The same-old shix at a restaurant.

This reality I struggle every day with, when I clock in at my side job...every time I clock out smelling like soysauce... why am I still stuck here? Why do I have to be so limited? Is this what it takes to do be in the profession as a minority?

I feel stupid when being asked what I do sometimes. Doesn't make much sense to claim a licensed medical professional with a prospective masters degree when I have to keep wiping tables and cleaning up the aftermess of diners to survive.

Nobody is telling me to do anything. This is the product of series of my decisions. I am fully aware of that fact but still can't help feeling miserable.

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